What is CSS Animation?


Animation of most HTML elements are possible using JavaScript or Flash, but there are also other tools available. Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, are used to define the visual look of HTML web pages. Adding CSS animation to your website or app can get you more visitors, all because of one simple reason. For a human eye it is easier to spot and focus on the moving objects. When those animations are done well, they can add quality and personality to your interface. The users will then have the emotional satisfaction from using it. The more the users are happy, the more popularity your web content gets, it is simple as that.

CSS animations are believed sometimes to be a bit more difficult to be used for animating than JavaScript, but they are easy to use for simple animations as they can be created without you needing to know how to use JavaScript. They are also different from JavaScript as the animations and transitions tend to be smoother, even under moderate system load. You can let the browser control the animation sequence for optimized efficiency and performance by scaling down the update frequency of animations running in tabs that aren’t currently visible.

CSS animation consist of two building blocks: key frames and animation properties. Keyframes are the basics of CSS animations as they define the look of animation at its every stage. The animation properties are added after that as they enable the animation to function. They are added to CSS selectors as they assign the keyframes to the elements you wish to animate and they also define how they are animated. You can add multiple animations to one element, control when the animation is played and when it is paused, change the cycles of it and much more.

Whether you want to use GIFS, WebGL, SVGs, or background videos, CSS animations can really bring life to your site when done properly.

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The Benefit of Having a Mobile Responsive Website

mobile responsive

You have a site that’s great on a laptop or a desktop. It has everything: hi-fidelity graphics, awesome content, and some exceptional stuff in it. Even so, if it’s not re-ordering its screen resolution to a mobile- it’s unresponsive.

Let’s put it simply: A website that can rationalize to various mobiles with different screen’s resolutions is a ‘mobile responsive’ website. It is also known as a ‘responsive design’ website.

However, does it matter to have a mobile responsive website? Most likely no, if you aren’t using your website for a business purpose or if it’s your personal blog. Moreover, you may be happy using your website on a desktop or a laptop than struggling to view it on a mobile.

Then, when does it matter to have a mobile responsive website? Let’s check out if your business needs one.

Well, using mobiles for viewing websites is catching up fast. Most of the business users today focus on mobiles. First of all, mobiles are small when compared to your laptops, and they’re extremely handy. It’s easy for you to open any application on a mobile and start working on it. So, if you have a mobile responsive website that opens easily in your mobile, then that makes your life better.

Well, you might have outstandingly designed a website, but you couldn’t view your complete website in a mobile. You might have felt the need for scrolling your screen- up, down and sideways. So, if you have had such issues, then it’s time you consider a mobile responsive website.

Besides, if your target audience is people across the world, then refurbish your website to meet their needs. Your business counterparts or audience wish to see a responsive website even on their mobiles. Bear in mind, your website is your baby, but it’s not for you alone that you’ve created the website. Always keep your target audience in mind. As a business person, if you can draw your audience with an impressive ‘responsive design’ website then your battle is half-won.

It’s always important to keep in mind- your business type. Before jumping to a conclusion that you don’t need a mobile responsive website, “think again.” For example, if your business is social-media related then you must have responsive design site that is also compatible with mobiles.

And then, how do you determine if your site is mobile responsive? First, you can check it on your mobile. Secondly, some third-party tools on the Internet give a clear picture of your website in mobiles. Some of them are free tools; you can easily check your website with them.

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Top 10 Popular Web Fonts

web fonts

Picking a font type that you can use for your website can truly be very testing as a result of the quantity of decisions you have. With the right web typeface, you can produce some permanent visitors to your page. If you have a content-based website or a data webpage with huge amounts of articles, then you truly need to carefully consider the font sort that you’ll utilize.

Here are the top 10 popular web fonts that you can use for your website:


This is presumably the most utilized font as a part of web design; it was created in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman. It is thought to be a genuinely nonpartisan typeface, implying that it will tackle the disposition of its environment. Due to this, it is suitable for basically any kind of website or design application.


Named after punch-cutter Claude Garamond, this well known sixteenth century typeface has motivated various twist off fonts, including Adobe Garamond and Stempel Garamond. Its utilization is ascribed predominantly to the way that it is a standout amongst the most clear typefaces and to the way that it utilizes next to no ink when printed.


Another mainstream font, this one was designed by Paul Renner in 1927 and was considered extremely current for the time. It peruses pleasantly when utilized as a part of web design, as it has been roused by geometric structures


One of the more present day watching typefaces out there, Bodoni immediately picked up fame for its complexity in the middle of slim and thick strokes, its consolidated shape and suitability for features. It was made in 1798 by Giambattista Bodoni and has following been utilized as a part of various band logos, including Nirvana.

Bickham Script Pro

An alluring formal typeface, this font is one of the freshest on the rundown (it was made in 1997 by Richard Lipton), however depended on the penmanship that was normal in the eighteenth century. It is seen as being to a greater degree a sentimental script and is utilized widely as a part of web designs that need a more enhancing touch.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is a standout amongst the most great font sorts. It is the default font for Microsoft Word and you can see most blog stage having the same default font. Times New Roman is genuinely protected to utilize and can take a shot at any website topic.


Georgia practically works like Times New Roman, it even appears as though it. Contrasted with the Times New Roman, Georgia is only a little more extensive and thicker. Georgia fonts can function admirably as headers. To change this kind of font to your inclination, you can essentially conform line tallness on your CSS if you think it is too overwhelming for you.


Another default font in most website layouts is Arial. This is a perfect font that you can use for a topic. It is exceptionally traditionalist and websites that utilization Arial sort are extremely intelligible in light of the fact that it has straightforward and straight strokes.


Tahoma can likewise function admirably for in-content substance or articles. It is not by any means that engaging use as expansive fonts or when utilized as large headers. Tahoma has a place with the group of Verdana and can be awesome as a font sort for footer writings, since it looks best in little scale. It would likewise look decent to be utilized for online journal remarks.


Verdana is another famous font sort. It fits in with the group of Sans-Serif. It offers meaningfulness. It is a flexible font that can look pleasant notwithstanding when utilized as a part of vast scale. If you need a perfect content design, the Verdana ought to be one of your top decisions.

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